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Our Story

Romero VanRell Jeng and Associates (RVJA) is an international architecture and design firm headquartered in Orlando, Florida with offices in China, Argentina, and Spain. RVJA offers planning and design of themed, mixed-use, retail and hospitality projects. Our services include Master Planning, Preliminary, Conceptual and Schematic Design, Interior Design, and Art Direction.

Daniel Romero and Guillermo VanRell founded Romero Petrilli VanRell and Associates (RPVA). Both have strong backgrounds in commercial and hospitality design and expanding into larger-scale entertainment projects was a natural progression for these two dynamic designers. When they won a competition for a Japanese theme park, it served as the basis for creating their own firm to work internationally as place-makers.  Joined by Nelson Jeng, and Bruce McMillen, RPVA has evolved into RVJA, a leading entertainment design firm and cohesive team comprised of talented architects, urban planners, landscape architects and graphic designers. RVJA provides optimal solutions for complex challenges, going beyond expectations and the traditional offerings of an architectural firm. We listen carefully to our clients to interpret their intent and think creatively to provide innovative solutions.


Our Key Strengths

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

We are a highly-experienced team. Our ‘hands-on’ principals have diverse backgrounds in architecture, urban planning, design, and leisure planning and management; and have wide-ranging project understanding from large-scale mixed use tourist related developments to individual buildings. Working on four continents with a staff hailing from around the world, we don’t just work internationally; we are a truly international firm. This gives us the necessary insight to find great success working globally.

Solutions-Based Services

Every project, no matter size or budget, presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. Our adaptive experience allows us the foresight to be proactive instead of reactive. The key component of any project’s success is communication. RVJA listens to our clients, interprets intentions, clarifies objectives, and custom fits solutions. Internally, RVJA is constantly adapting and augmenting its team when needed with the industry’s top consultants to tailor each project team to resolve any design challenge. RVJA is a group of talented professionals who thrives on the challenge of realizing our clients’ unique visions.

Technology-Centered Solutions

RVJA seeks and employs the latest technologies in communication and design. We are responsive to client needs 24 hours a day, operating on-site or remotely by video conference, keeping the client consistently informed about project progress and resolve project issues promptly. Our expert 3D modeling allows our clients to envision the project during the design process with a clear of understanding of the design intent.

Client-Focused Services

Communication with our clients is the heart of our process. We start by listening to their unique needs, discerning the objectives and then responsively delineating solutions to produce successful results.  At RVJA, we collaborate at a level in which we become an integrated part of our clients’ teams, thinking as an extension of their company. The difference is in our deliverables. Our primary task is realizing client objectives.

How We Are Different

We are a contemporary global team with the ability to navigate transitions. Our team prides itself on presenting a crucial layer of understanding to facilitate measured, systematic, and sustainable client growth. It takes an adept team to keep pace with the light-speed developments in tourism, and it is our specialty. We have proudly been serving emerging business markets worldwide, operating in China since 1996. We are experienced in dealing with and satisfying government requirements, particularly in China, and helping our clients successfully navigate the daunting regulatory process.