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Whether a client needs a master plan for many square kilometers of property, or theming the interior of a single space, RVJA is experienced in all aspects of entertainment design and delivers results that set industry standards.

AT RVJA our work goes beyond traditional building design and planning. We imagine holistically themed spaces from site plan to landscaping and finishing details, architects of fully immersive experiences.

Our menu of services covers the design spectrum. RVJA designs as an expert extension of our clients’ teams, from imagining an idea and giving it loose form to carefully articulating, refining, and directing the specifics. We design compelling environments and build successful client relationships.

Project Programming

Project Programming is nascent design. For RVJA, this phase envisions the broad ideas that precede clear, focused direction. In the Project Planning phase client needs are assessed and we formulate probable paths to take the client where they want to go. When clients haven’t yet set a course for the project, we specialize in the development of creative, innovative themes and advise on the key elements for project success. Elements of this process may include site selection, project area definition, and establishment of the proper proportions for the project's elemental needs. For large scale, multi-use projects, it is critical to establish the distribution and quantity of the necessary parts of the whole in this phase.  Simply put, this is the phase when what to include within a project’s scope is defined.

Master Planning

Master Planning is visionary, imaging a future and setting a practical course. We start with the evaluation and organization of project criteria, taking into account the program, site circulation, and building massing. This exploratory process results in the initial layout of a site, establishing the location and relationship between project elements. Master planning develops the initial frame for a project. It considers the socio-cultural circumstances, possibilities and physical limitations of a site along with its intended use. During this phase RVJA delivers layouts and descriptive illustrations with signature creativity and speed. In the simplest terms, this phase identifies and draws a visual map of what components are included,  and how they work together and relate to each other.  

Preliminary and Conceptual Design

Preliminary Design strives for understanding of project scale and client needs. For RVJA, this phase begins with an initial design session enabling our team to generate creative design strategies, targeting intent while refining the vision. These meetings are client-centric because in understanding our client’s unique needs we can best deliver innovative design solutions. Consultant collaboration is utilized when necessary to assure incorporation of specialized project criteria. Preliminary Design consists of hand rendered drawings and 3D modeling to illustrate a project’s character and organization, and to facilitate client understanding. In a basic sense, at this stage in the design process the proposed project elements form a strong functional and visual direction.

Schematic Design

Schematic Design follows Conceptual Design approval by the client. This part of the process builds upon the strongest design concepts and solidifies the project scope. The functional relationship of the project to the geography of the site is articulated. RVJA produces CAD drawings to detail the master plan and its components (program) with sections and elevations produced for each. We hand render elaborated drawings of the most important pedestrian and aerial views. Preliminary engineering studies are incorporated as necessary into the design process. At this phase, RVJA drafts and delivers the official presentation of a project’s vision and definition to pertinent regulatory authorities seeking project approval for the client. 

Interior Design

Interior design creates functional spaces defining the colors, materials, textures, and forms whose combined aesthetic expresses and expands upon the project vision. By utilizing the project architects for interior services, the overall design continuity of a project is best maintained. This key service delivers world-class themed experiences where total guest immersion moves from possibility to reality.

Art Direction

Art Direction services include field directing multiple construction trades to properly execute the design intent of a variety of themed environments. Architect-led art direction ensures correct interpretation and implementation of the design intent; a crucial layer of oversight that delivers the highest quality results.  Our on-site field work complements the work of the Client’s contractors and tradesmen, providing guidance on the design theme, and helping to deliver one-of-a-kind projects.

Landscape Design

The Landscape Architecture team at RVJA has a variety of design backgrounds, allowing us successfully deliver even the most complex or specialized projects.  Services include planting and hardscape design, grading and drainage planning, conceptual irrigation design and more.  We specialize in environmental theming including site furnishings, props and signage design; all of which enhance placemaking for our clients.  We can provide design documents from Conceptual through Construction Documents, and with a multi-cultural staff both in-house and abroad (China, Argentina, Spain), we bring a unique level of cultural awareness to the design process enabling us to deliver memorable themed and enhanced natural environments.