Project Types

The expertise to blend program, aesthetics, and function to deliver experiential spaces.

Theme Parks

Theme Parks - Large-scale recreational environments with unifying concepts to transport visitors and provide superior guest experiences.

Theme Parks

Ocean Parks - Recreational environments featuring aquariums and stadiums to showcase marine life and offer guests a glimpse of life undersea life and water-based environments.

Water Park

Water Parks
- Thrilling, themed leisure environments with fountains, pools and watersides designed for relaxation and aquatic recreation.

Eco Community

Eco Communities
- Innovative residential communities where conservational and ecologically sensitive building techniques are employed within designs that highlight the natural beauty of the existing landscapes.

Mixed Use

- Developments where leisure, hospitality, residential, and commercial spaces are integrated to support the multiple-objectives of clients.

Mixed Use

Retail / Commercial - Large and small spaces designed to facilitate and enhance the consumer experience with an emphasis on function and aesthetics.