Tianjin Polar Ocean World

The client sought RVJA synergistic, contemporary planning approach for this mixed-use development that integrates an ocean park, leisure zones, retail, and hospitality spaces in the heart of Dalian’s new financial district. Inspired by classic waterfront leisure zones, RVJA designed the “Carnival Boardwalk” commercial and entertainment complex to maximize Hai River views and to evoke a classic “Coney Island” feel, particularly with the lighted Ferris wheel that defines its skyline.  The boardwalk was strategically configured to provide a variety of views framing the project’s key features, including the Ferris wheel, a Space Needle, and the Aquarium.  RVJA also designed multiple hotels with soaring metal and glass profiles, inspired by junk-style boats with fully-battened sails to add cultural relevance, drama, and further distinction to the site.


  Tianjin, China