Tianjin Kingdoms of Discovery

The proposed design of Kingdoms of Discovery, a major tourist, entertainment, and golf resort, is notable for several cutting-edge concepts RVJA explored. Uniting old-world architecture with new-world environmental technology, this park is a first of its kind to highlight “functional environmentalism”. A primary goal was to make this property usable year-round in a cold climate. To accomplish this, an indoor protected “winter” loop and outdoor “summer” loop were created. The layout sought to combine leisure space with conservational culture and alternate energy sources that were worked into the design and functionally utilized. The various architectural zones within the site each had a proposed “green” component typically found in the region from which it took its inspiration: geothermal for the Italian areas, windmills (wind turbines) for the Dutch, solar for the French, and watermills for the German town area.


  Tianjin, China