Hangzhou World Leisure Expo Center

This themed resort and residential district was selected to host the World Leisure Exposition of 2006. Centered around three lakes, the site is notable for its pioneering integration of residential living spaces and leisure activities. Each lake boasts a distinct architectural style: American Town, Swiss Town, and Venetian Town. Commercial and residential uses share the same buildings, with commercial storefronts incorporated on the street level of multistory residential, giving the community a vibrant “new urban” feel and ample entertainment opportunities. The Venetian Town features working gondolas for residents and visitors to enjoy the beautiful waterscapes. An impressive glass roof tops the octagonal atrium, linking a multistory entertainment center with a cinema, performance theater, karaoke clubs, restaurants, and high-end retail to the luxury, 5 star Grand Venetian Hotel. Turn-of-the-century grandeur inspired this 10 story, 350-room hotel. The well-appointed baroque and renaissance guest rooms reflect the Venetian theme of the leisure areas, bringing the exterior theme indoors. Opulent guest rooms overlook the beautiful atrium that features exotic plants and a Caribbean wave pool surrounded by restaurants and bars.

  Themed; Mixed Use

  Hangzhou, China