Chengdu Pujiang Countryside Tourist Vacation Leisure District

RVJA conceptualized this pioneering model of a mountain escape to seamlessly blend agri-tourism, leisure, commercial and residential zones. Its unique design celebrates the beauty of agriculture from orchard or field, to the bounty of the harvest. The multiple distinct areas of the project serve many purposes, including a healthcare village, a fruit and flower village, and Heshan Academy town. With cultural elements such as a Tibetan waterwheel, the goal with this space was to bring working agricultural elements into the design and landscape of the project. Golf courses feature rice paddies, a residential zone has a winery central to its design, fruit orchards flank hotels and hostels. These agricultural details were centrally featured along the spectacular “Farmer’s Avenue,” a celebratory commercial promenade where on-site grown produce can be sold to the metropolitan residents.  Offering urbanite’s a nearby escape or an opportunity for a second home, this concept was developed to appeal to the cultural interest in this region where the agrarian past still captivates the interest of the population.


  Chengdu, China