Chengdu Polar Ocean World

This metropolitan project presented a design challenge to develop the client’s “Big Vision” within a very limited space. RVJA resolved this challenge, delivering a master plan for a truly mixed-use space. This location boasts themed “Boardwalk” and “Citywalk” zones that offer dining, commercial, and hospitality experiences, including “The Boardwalk Resort Hotel,” a retail mall, high-rise residential and condo-tels.  With expert planning, RVJA maintained a fully immersive experience for the Ocean Park visitors, differentiating it from the mixed-use zones. Chengdu Polar Ocean World houses both arctic and tropical marine life, with whale sharks and dolphins delighting visitors to this “Park inside a City.”  The park has three distinct, maritime-themed zones, each with a show, ride, interactive exhibit, and game-play space.

  Master Planning, Mixed Use, Schematic

  Chengdu, China