Chengdu Intangible Culture Heritage National Park

The design challenge RVJA faced with this project was to build a space to contain intangible cultural heritage of both the region and the world, such as folksongs and dances, foods, arts, and crafts. The destination found its expression through symbolic architecture that respected the ephemerality of these intangible cultural treasures. The design was all about the content it housed, much like a theater, with multiple themed zones each reflecting a different Asian or world culture. Activity streets were proposed, protected by delicately supported angular glass ceilings that brought light and sky views to the interior space. Water elements provided natural reflections, and elegant spotlights add a fleeting drama to the park’s profile, metaphoric of the cultural heritage contained therein. To allow the space multiple uses, walls of glass inside the facility could be altered from transparent to opaque and some were etched with culturally relevant characteristics, allowing commercial and food and beverage sites extended operating hours.

  Cultural Park

  Chengdu, China