Water Park Case Study

Pirate Water Park

Our Challenge:
RVJA began design on the Floraland Pirate Water Park for a client with a strong, predetermined program in place. The Caribbean culture already associated with pirates has tremendous appeal to tourists in the East. A central principle to RVJA’s practice is to optimize rides to the suit theme and the themes to suit the ride.  The approach to this project was to expertly articulate the preselected theme with creativity and functionality.

Design Innovation:
RVJA designed this water park comprehensively themed with pirate culture. The indisputable and enduring popularity of pirates, along with their seafaring ways, works well for aquatic settings.  To add variety to the guest experience, RVJA created multiple zones each with their own styling and ambience, inspired by locations and elements common to pirate lore, from the Port Royale zone with its meticulously researched Spanish-Colonial inspired fort, to the Barbary Coast with its African beach theme. The cheerful colors and sounds of the Caribbean Rainforest contrast nicely with the entertainingly sinister Captive Zone. Inspired by Indonesian native cannibal culture, the Cannibal Cauldron is a funnel style water slide that RVJA themed as though the rider was sinking into a cannibal’s kettle, complete with bones and skulls on the approach to the ride, and even mist to evoke steam from the boiling contents. RVJA imagined all the supporting details throughout this park, from the tropical themed hardscapes to the lush landscaping that sets the stage for characteristic signage and props; designed to truly transport visitors to another time and place. 

Lasting Impact:Part of a larger leisure complex with existing theme and cultural parks, as well as a large commercial zone, Floraland is to be the leading water park for the Chengdu area. When proposing the landscape design, RVJA worked with the large nursery industry of the region, choosing the most suitable landscaping for the park while keeping the budget low. Floraland demonstrates RVJA’s creativity in thorough conceptualization of theme and their commitment to immersive and unexpected guest experiences.

  Water Park

  Chengdu, China