Themed Attraction Case Study

Aegean Harbor at Beijing Happy Valley

Our Challenge:
Beijing's Happy Valley presented a significant design challenge for RVJA, with its close proximity to the city’s impressively massive skyline. The goal of a theme park is to make guests feel as though they are somewhere else, and the visual intrusion of reality must be screened for guests to take the leap. RVJA was able to solve this challenge by presenting a solution where the primary attractions provided the physical buildup of enclosure needed to screen the view of the skyline and by enclosing the guests inside a space created by this strongly themed dark ride.

Design Innovation:
Aegean Harbor was inspired by Greek myth, and RVJA designed this park with intricate supporting details. To address the design challenge of providing a visual screen, RVJA conceived the primary attractions to deliver not only the necessary screen, but also had it serve as a cavernous space to house an innovative, “Ulysses’ Odyssey” themed dark ride. While guests replicate the epic journey home after the Trojan War, they encounter the same strange creatures Odysseus did, the Cyclopes, Medusa, Sirens, six-headed monsters and more. The exterior of this attraction provides a sloping replica of the Greek Island of Mykonos, complete with domed blue roofs. Another signature attraction at this site is the Trojan Horse, a thrilling ride which provides a strong iconic signature attraction for Happy Valley Beijing. The “Olympian Amphitheater” also provided a screen for visual intrusion, on the opposite side of the Zone. Designed as a 2,500 seat outdoor theater with a sloped seating area, in tandem with the dark ride, the theater elegantly and seamlessly screened the city from view, resolving the site’s primary challenge.

Lasting Impact:Happy Valley Beijing is a successful model of a multi-zoned theme park with extensive planning and detailing, down to the attractions.  Working with RVJA, the client has successfully replicated this model in other cities. The client has turned to RVJA for both attraction and park design and consulting, and the firm has been a continual source of ideas for the Client and this thriving theme park chain.

  Themed Attraction

  Beijing, China