Ocean Park Case Study

Laohutan Polar Ocean World

Our Challenge:
A cornerstone of the Laohutan Leisure District, RVJA has been working on more than ten years of renovations to this important ocean park. The goal was to make Laohutan a comprehensive, complete leisure destination and the park is critical to the success of the district as a whole.  The task, through the two major renovations, was to revitalize existing structures while adding to the overall theming and functionality of this popular destination, the region’s only home for rare polar marine animals such as polar bears and beluga whales.

Design Innovation:
RVJA has greatly evolved this park. The first renovation expanded the variety of sea life the park included, and provided preliminary improvements to the park’s structures. The second renovation was more complete, redesigning the entrance to the park, along with the addition of a musical hall that attracts China’s top cultural and pop performers. A large cinema complex attracts moviegoers from around the area. The Ocean Theater is a 2000 seat facility that houses the popular sea-life show, a signature feature of the park. RVJA recently designed a new entrance complex for the park. A new, large-scale, open plaza is capable of holding 40,000 people for holiday celebrations, critical for the influx of visitors the park receives in peak tourism seasons. 

Lasting Impact:
The first polar ocean world in China, this park is the first 5A tourist destination in the region. The park draws large attendance figures, boasting 1.8 million visitors annually. RVJA’s long-term relationships with our clients is highlighted here, a client-led collaboration that has thrived for more than a decade, growing the park to be a premier example of what an ocean park can be.

  Ocean Park

  Dalian, China